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There are many ways to update your Pi Test Software. Which ever way you choose the main thing to remember is its just a case of patching update files over into the correct locations.

Be that via USB, FTP, SSH, HTTP, on your tester it self or via another PC.

Here i will outline the most easiest way to Update the Test Software using the Tester itself.

All Newer testers will come with a Icon on the Desktop of the tester called UPDATE and have an icon that looks like this Update Icon.

You can double click this icon to deploy the Update Software to run you through an update process of all aspects except the A.O.S. Software of the Tester.

The first Thing the Updater will do is Open a Terminal Window which will go through an automated update of the actual Updater itself so you have the latest updater. Currently Version 1.9

Automatically a second terminal window will open up which will then present you with a interactive updater.

You will be required to Answer Yes or No to each update section and be prompted to overwrite anything that might need it. Typing a (non case sensitive) "Y" will answer YES and "N" will answer NO. pressing any other key will be assumed as a NO. (this is to protect from any accidental overwrite)

The update order will run as follows

  • Update Devices
  • Update Test Progs
  • Update ROMS
  • Add Images Folder (For Screenshots)
  • Update Pi Tester Software

As long as you have the update software of your pi, you will also be able to do a clean install of the Test Software or even Fix Corrupted installations that stop working using the updater.

Any Tester that does not have the UPDATE software installed

After Finding a few people struggle with updating the main Pi Test Software, it was decided that a updater be made available for all the users of this Tester. Because this was not made before initial shipping anyone with a Tester Shipped before 23/10/2016 will not have the updater software on their tester. For this reason a few small things will need to be performed which will not only be a one off task but from there on in the updater will update itself as well as update the test software.

First thing you will need to do is download update.bash from the Git which is located on the git in the same place as it will need to be placed on your Pi.


make sure you place this file on your pi in the same place, and then Right Click the file and select Properties. from there select the drop down option of execute to make it "anyone" Once you have done this you can then Double Click the update file and when prompted click open in Terminal.

This will do 2 things.

1. place all the UPDATE files into the correct locations of your Tester for future updating 2. Deploy the updater and prompt you to go through the above update process