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*2.34/1.03 - Added Z80 Emulator Support
*2.33/1.011 - bug fixes. 24/01/2017
*2.33/1.011 - bug fixes. 24/01/2017
*2.32/1.01 - bug fixes. 24/12/2016
*2.32/1.01 - bug fixes. 24/12/2016

Latest revision as of 19:54, 28 October 2017

All Firmware Updates will be posted Here

Please refer to the main Manual on how to update the Firmware of your System

Please Note to Update the Arduino/Genuino Firmware you will need to download the standalone program xloader on your PC

It is recommended to use a separate PC/Laptop to update the Firmware and a windows based OS

Linux and Mac users will need to use Wine.

You can obtain xloader from the provided CD or from their website



Update Files are listed below with Newest at TOP

Mark 1 and Mark 2 AOS Software will be separate and wont work vice versa, this is due to the pin-outs being slightly different on the 2 testers. please use the correct AOS software (Pi software will work on both)

Mark 1 Mark 2
File:V2.34.zip File:V1.03-MK2.zip
File:V2.33.zip File:V1.011-MK2.zip
File:V2.32.zip File:V1.01-MK2.zip
File:V2.30.zip N/A
File:V2.28.zip N/A
File:V2.27.zip N/A
File:V2.25.zip N/A


  • 2.34/1.03 - Added Z80 Emulator Support
  • 2.33/1.011 - bug fixes. 24/01/2017
  • 2.32/1.01 - bug fixes. 24/12/2016
  • 2.28 - bug fix with inChar. Causing double command depending on address loaded. Altered Z80 read/write due to timing issues. 26/9/2016
  • 2.27 - improvments to address write, databus input/output, loadpins
  • 2.26 - BETA . Logic Analyser code added
  • 2.25 - Autoranging and calibration set for PCB. Audio amp on off command added
  • 2.24 - Added Signal Trace. L<pp> pp=Pin in Decimal. Send space to escape loop
  • 2.23 - Added Command Error and made sure string always returned after input. Corrected bugs
  • 2.22 - Added 6502 support.
  • 2.21 - Added indicator for ICPOD
  • 2.20 - Added tone generator on A7
  • 2.11 - Removed Bootup message due to lock ups
  • 2.10 - Changed ICTester to output Binary values
  • 2.00 - Changed bootup delay to 500. Added 'X' command to control IC TESTER POD Hardware
  • 1.10 - First REV.


Main Test Software can be obtained from our GitHub


It consists of the Tester Software, A Desktop shortcut and an Icon File.

The Layout of this software is as follows

  • /home/pi/Test - Main Pi Tester software files
  • /home/pi/Desktop - Test.desktop - Shortcut file
  • /home/pi/Downloads - testicon.gif - Icon for desktop shortcut file

When these 3 folder files are added correctly your tester should display the current version upon startup. The Desktop Shortcut and Icon should not change where the TEST folder will every time an update is available.

Current Pi Software Version is v1.60 24/01/2017

Instruction on How to update are on the Updating Firmware Page

You can also update using the UPDATE software on the Desktop of your tester, for any testers that do not have the update software, you can follow the update instructions on how to get it added.

Note: Pi OS and Test Software will work on Both Mark 1 and Mark 2 Testers


We have started to make backups of the actual SD card and distribute this to anyone that may need it. If you corrupt your SD card now you don't need to worry. you can download the SD image and install it to your SD card using a program such as win32Diskimager

Images will be available periodically with any updates that may have been made over the course of the Testers development. The images will work on both Mark 1 and 2 testers (This will not effect the A.O.S. and you must update that as explained above).

Currently the images available to you are

  • AR81-DEC2016 - This is the image that comes on your 16GB SD for anyone that purchased a Tester in 2016

few changes have been made to the image

  • Audio now working
  • TEST software updated to 1.41

This image is compressed to ZIP (1.75GB) and will need your friendly de-compression software to extract. It will be a 16GB file as i was unable to compress it. This means it will only install on your 16GB card, or any other card that is larger. 32GB and 64GB will also work.

  • AR81-PIXEL-1.1-JAN2017 -This image has been slimmed down to remove unneeded software and upgraded to PIXEL version of Raspbian

Few changes to note

  • All of above changes made
  • Added fix for no screen saver
  • Removed LibreOffice
  • Removed Wolfram Engine
  • Removed Sonic Pi
  • Removed Node Red
  • Removed Claws Mail
  • Removed Epiphany Web Browser
  • Installed Chromium Browser
  • Installed (Official Pi Licensed) RealVNC

This image is compressed to ZIP (1.37GB) and will need your friendly de-compression software to extract. It will be a 5GB file I was able to compress this down successfully. This means it will install on your 16GB card or any other card that is larger. 32GB and 64GB will also work. and as an added bonus it will also install onto a 8GB SD Card.

you can obtain the images from HERE