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There was no such thing as an AR81 before April 2016. Thankfully a faulty Arcade Moon Base board set started it all off.

In tracing and debugging the board set, a need was found to control the address and data buses. Just setting them to a known state would help significantly so the AR81 was born.

Proto Unit

At first it was a simple Arduino board draped across the board set but soon after, it was in a case and the software and features grew from that point on. Linking it to a Raspberry Pi suddenly projected it into a very viable test system which could easily handle the bulk of tasks needed for digital debug.

The tester has since gone though various upgrades in hardware and also software and now is the tester you see here.

Main Unit

It runs two complex programs to function. The code within the Arduino is fine tuned and runs a simple operating system called the AOS. This has 26 commands which control the pins of the tester. These commands can be entered manually or the Raspberry Pi Test Program can be used which give the tester its easy to use front end screens. The Test program also processes the data returned from the Arduino and can provide features such as a Logic Analyser, Test Sequence running and editing and far more.

The software is constantly getting reviewed and updated so more features and improvements will follow. All the updates can be found on this website.

Hopefully it will continue to evolve and prove to be the vital tool in Arcade Testing.