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[[Z80 Test Pod Mark 1 Only]]
[[Z80 Test Pod Mark 1 Only]]
[[Z80 Test Pod]]
[[Z80 Test Pod Mark 2.0/2.1]]
'''Available Now @ £49.99'''
'''Available Now @ £49.99'''

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Many accessories are available for the AR81 Tester, They can be obtained from our Partner Syed Computers

Accessories Available

Z80 Test Pod Mark 1 Only

Z80 Test Pod Mark 2.0/2.1

Available Now @ £49.99

Z80 Emulator/Test Pod (2in1)

Available Now @ £149.99

6502 & RP2A03 Test Pod*

Available Now @ £29.99

6502 & RP2A03 Emulator*

Coming Soon

6809 Emulator

Currently in Production

8080 Emulator

Coming Soon

8085 Emulator

Coming Soon

8 Channel Hardware Logic Analyser

Coming Soon (Software Analyser currently Implemented. Additional hardware will allow sample times to 50nS)

Logic Analyser ADT Clip attachment

Available Now @ £14.99

Triple Rail EPROM Programmer

Currently in Testing

Triple Rail DRAM Tester

Coming Soon

  • *6502 Pod is an attachment to Z80 Pod. Z80 Pod also Required. Buy both Pods at same time for £69.99