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My Name is Sarj, and I studied Electronics and IT. I became involved in Arcades in the late 90s when i first heard about MAME and the possibility of playing all my remembered arcades from when i was younger. At the time I was very new to Emulation of any kind and was very skeptical of its function. I managed to get a copy of MAME 0.28 with a complete Rom set. In all fairness i was very clueless in how to use it and its functions and the fact that a lot of games where not fully emulated made for a poor experience. I eventually shelved my MAME Setup when my Hard Drive died and all but forgot about it, (it was running off an old Pentium PC).

It wasn't until 2008 that i got back into it when i heard about ultimarc and the possibility of building a Home Arcade Machine, for me that was mind blowing, I designed a cabinet on Cad which took me quite a few years of on and off work, and while i was doing that i updated and reinstalled my MAME setup, now on a NEW faster PC.

This again was then abandoned when i calculated the actual cost to built this, which at the time was coming in at approx £2000, not to mention that amount of Wood work and Electronics time and effort that I would need to put in. (Wood Working is a passion of mine and a regular hobby)

In 2013 i was generally browsing the internet and stumbled upon a Forum (AssemberGames) that was dedicated to Retro Console Collecting. It brought back my love for all the gaming years of my youth and i started collecting Consoles again and have now amassed a large collection.

The Forum did branch off in a few places with talks of Arcade Game Boards and that's when I realized that people do actually collect and play REAL arcade games.

I then set out to try and find the games i remember playing as a child. Street Fighter II, Frogger, Track and Field, 1942, NEO GEO. I managed to find the Games some coming for the USA.

It was at this point that I found some dedicated Arcade Forums and managed to find my First Arcade Machine which was in my opinion very cheap at £275, A Zaccaria Cabinet, Originally a Quazar but horribly converted to a Capcom Commando, now with an old friend who has restored it into a Zaccaria Phoenix. My Next cab was an Electrocoin Elite made into a Black Tiger, Brought from a London Synagogue, again which has now found itself a new home.

Since then i have brought and sold many Arcade Machines and now even own a Dedicated Frogger, Galaxian Cocktail, PAC-MAN Mini as well as other Generic Cabinets and Many Game PCBs, Most Working and some not which is why this Tester is here.

I have slowly taught myself how to repair Consoles and arcade Game Boards and learn't so much about electronics that only experience can teach. I have also made many Electronics PCBs for all sort of gaming needs most which are sold on the Forums and eBay

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