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Arcade PCB Functional Test System, AR81 Manual

Overview of the Functional Test Set

  • Basic Description and Theory of operation
  • Limitations and warnings
  • External connections
  • Powering Up and Shutting down
  • LED Display
  • Backing up System files and data
  • Switching Displays

Controlling the Address bus and Data bus

Selecting Microprocessors

Reading memory and storing in files

Active Probe

  • Logic Probe
  • Voltmeter
  • Duty Cycle and Wave Shape
  • Analogue
  • Signal Trace Function

Test Sequence Operations

  • General information
  • Generating a Test Sequence
  • Running a Test Sequence
  • Editing a Test Sequence

Active Device Test (A.D.T)

  • Theory of operation
  • Connecting the hardware
  • Running a test
  • Adding truth tables and Picture files

Logic Analyser

  • Overview
  • Selecting the Channels
  • Selecting Trigger
  • acquiring Data
  • Changing the SPAN
  • Changing the PAN
  • Taking a Snapshot
  • AUTO mode

Low Level System Commands

Connector Pin Allocations

  • Connector A Pinouts
  • Connector B Pinouts
  • 8080 Pod Pinout Diagram
  • Z80 Pod Pinout Diagram
  • 6502 Pod Pinout Diagram
  • Mark1 VRAM Write Pod Amendment

Updating Firmware