Low Level System Commands

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The Arduino embedded in the tester runs a special operating system called the A.O.S.

Most of the time, the user will operate the tester using the buttons on the various test screens, however it is possible to enter system commands if required. These should get typed into the Main Information window on the Main Test Screen.

To enter a command, the character ‘*’ needs to be entered first signalling to the tester that an A.O.S command is following. It is also possible to control the Arduino using a serial terminal program. If this is done, set the baud to 115200 and dont use the *.

The full list of commands can be found by Clicking the HELP button on the test screen or entering ‘*?’ in the Info Window. The full list is shown below. Note on newer versions of tester software, the HELP button is removed and HELP or ? needs to be entered as above.

A.O.S Commands

*? List of commands/HELP.
*! Returns highTime,LowTime,Count of Probe
*a Returns current address. Decimal!
*& <bbbb> Memory Map function. Size size bbbb
*Q <bbbb> RAM/VRAM Test function with block size bbbb
** <xx> Set Processor type. 00=8080, 01=Z80, 02=6502
*A <aaaa> Load Address bus with HEX <aaaa>
Load Data bus with HEX
*H Read Host Status and Read Data bus
*B Byte Read from current Address
*L<pp> Trace pin pp. Arduino pin numbering
*O <pp>,
Output PORT <pp> with
*I <pp> Input PORT <aaaa>
*E Enable Amplifer
*F Disable Amplifier
*P <pp>,<n> Sets PIN pp to n or Reads PIN if n n/a
*W <cccc>,
Block Load count <cccc> data
*M <aaaa>,<cccc> Copy data from addr to<aaaa>,bytes<cccc>
*R <cccc> Read block of Data. cccc=count
*C <aaaa> Disp 5 bytes from current addr to <aaaa>
*S <xx>,<yy>,<ss> Send string to display RAM at xx,yy hex
*T <c>,<xx>,<yy> Display char c at x,y on Display RAM.
*V Returns the AOS Version Number
Shift Test. Data dd loaded. Ret 8 states
*2 Clear VRAM @2400h, Clear Ports
*S <xx> Probe mode <0=Digital, 1=Analogue
*X Returns the IC TESTER POD Values. (ADT)
*^ Sound Tone for 500mS